Postpartum Exercise Mini Series

Postpartum Exercise Mini Series

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Gain access to on-demand breathing & exercise classes designed to support postpartum recovery and help regain strength from the inside out.

In this Postpartum Mini Series, learn Breathing and Ab Rehab exercises to help take the first steps towards healing from the inside out and slowly rebuilding strength postpartum.

This program is gentle enough to begin as soon as you feel ready to. It is always advised to speak with your doctor before embarking on any new fitness program or routine. 

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Peri Hughes

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Peri's 4th Trimester Program is a MUST post-baby. I did a lot of research on how best to rehab and this is a treasure. She just gets it. All the exercises are super safe. You can make them easier or harder as you figure out what your body needs.

Hailey Cohen
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve recently given birth and completed Peri’s Postpartum Program and I honestly can’t recommend her and this program enough to other new moms. Peri helped encourage and give me the tips and exercises I needed to get over my fears and get back to moving my body.

Keri Mirello
Seattle, WA