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Vag Clinic

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Vag Clinic is a 4-week virtual series designed to empower you with the knowledge to be proactive about your pelvic health during pregnancy and postpartum. Each week educator Charisse Balance PT, DPT, RYT; will discuss topics related to postpartum. Here you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered by an experienced pelvic health physiotherapist as well as build a community and create  connection with others. You are not alone! 

Pods begin on the 1st Friday of each month.  The outline below are some examples of topics that will be discussed. Future discussions will be based on the collective needs of the group. 

Week 1: Postpartum healing: how to maximize healing and gradually return to activity 

Week 2: Common postpartum diagnoses: Diastasis recti and perineal tearing  - how to identify and self  treat 

Week 3: Common postpartum diagnoses: pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence - how to minimize your chances of getting it. 

Week 4: Postpartum healing:  how to safely navigate the 4th trimester. 

Additional Info: Educator Charisse will be offering this service in March, April & May and be paused in June & July for her maternity leave. Offering will resume in August. To purchase or redeem this service, click add to cart, and check out to receive booking details via email. 


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