Postpartum Doula Sessions

Postpartum Doula Sessions

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Postpartum Doula Sessions
Discuss breastfeeding, postpartum nutrition & recovery, newborn care or debrief the labor & delivery experience. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of each person. Guidance, advice or recommendations are given. Email recap is included with resources discussed.

Additional Info: To purchase or redeem this service please add service to cart and check out to receive booking details via email. *In-person appointments are available if you are located within 20 miles of the Denver Metropolitan area.


Stefanie Deorio

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Stefanie was very personable and relatable.  I felt like I could open up to her (and did) from only meeting her once - that is a gift!  She made me feel comfortable and not crazy!  You could also tell she was great with kids and had a calming effect on my little ones. 

Blair Ness
San Francisco, CA

I received a lovely gift from a dear friend through DO LA LA. Inside the gift box, was a 1 hour session with the Doula herself. We went over preparation tips for my nearly 5 year old, in welcoming her baby brother. I am so glad for Stefanie's time to share her knowledge and simple tips that I know will greatly benefit this transition.

Jasmine McEachnie
Lebanon, NJ